We observe hell daily, in the media distance that surrounds us. How much more must happen to for us to awake from our lethargy? How many crimes, how much destruction must happen for us to say ENOUGH!? There are no possible words in the face of genocide, there are no appropriate phrases that are able …

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Words in Captivity

How many words have we left behind our tongues, or are crowding our vocal cords, how many words do we read daily in the news, on social networks, on WhatsApp, in the newspapers. A whole web of concepts, messages, impressions, news, anecdotes, feelings that overwhelm us. Everyday expression is not enough to say what we …

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El mar, la calle y las sillas

This work consists in a large format installation that uses the city and its history as a starting point. The habour of Valparaíso retains a dark memory, sealed in implacable pacts. This is the starting point of this work, a reflection on the brutal secrets that the sea contains beneath its waves: the horror of …

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Installation La Torre Vive

Beyond the cement, the iron structures, the retaining walls of this building, I was interested in investigating the spirit that animated and promoted this construction, an emblematic building. From his story I was moved by the passion that shaped him, as part of an ideology that promoted human development and fundamental rights, … subsequently violated, …

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In the frame of 17th Chapter, We will be-Episode of transition.

Habeas Corpus

In this installation I wish to insist on the material need for a sign of that negated body, which will allow us to fulfill at least on a symbolic level, the rite of burial, hence the presence of the earth, as the last element of a life cycle, that closes or opens to a new …

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To denude the habitable to the scrutinizing, radiographic gaze of the spectators, putting at the reach of their hands each of the objects that I use daily, opening the drawers, unpacking the suitcases, hanging from the walls of my apartment all my belongings, from the most intimate to the most profane. Here is a rupture …

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Each year between 500,000 million and 1 billion plastic bags are consumed in the world. About 100,000 marine animals such as turtles, whales and dolphins die every year because of plastic bags. ( This work is inspired by two invisible women: my great aunt Margaro who always wrapped her things in newspaper. And Katy a …

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An installation that exposes the process of a end point. As in nature those processes are visually shown in a clear way, it was necessary to create a physiognomy to that end point, to emigrate. Close a chapter, with forms that said goodbye to the place, that housed my dreams and my disappointments. I collected …

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