The artist's private flat, Dortmund, Germany

Each year between 500,000 million and 1 billion plastic bags are consumed in the world. About 100,000 marine animals such as turtles, whales and dolphins die every year because of plastic bags. (
This work is inspired by two invisible women: my great aunt Margaro who always wrapped her things in newspaper. And Katy a mental patient, who believed that the whole world was wrapped in paper.

In this installation the act of wrapping becomes almost a meticulous dissection of each object. All the personal objects that I possess are isolated from its surrounding by means of layers of a thin plastic, forming a new skin, until the object begins to lose its identity, its function and becomes another, more silent object, that gives account of an existential problematic.

The feeling of estrangement of what was happening in society impregnated me like a flash. This feeling was supervened by the conciousness about the harmful effects of plastic on our environment. This synthetic and low density material is an insulating element.

This installation constituted a meditative experience for me. Each day I had to unwrap what I needed and then wrap it up again when I no longer needed it. This lasted 2 months.

Photo-Documentation: Janet Toro
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