El mar, la calle y las sillas

(The sea, the street and the chairs) 2016
Centex del CNCA, Valparaíso,

In context of the exposición: Memoria Viva 1973-2016

This work consists in a large format installation that uses the city and its history as a starting point. The habour of Valparaíso retains a dark memory, sealed in implacable pacts. This is the starting point of this work, a reflection on the brutal secrets that the sea contains beneath its waves: the horror of the bodies thrown from helicopters to the deep sea, the horror of the bodies tortured in various Navy ships.
The sea is just a few meters from the Centex building, whose architecture with horizontal, white stripes was the support of this work.

This work consists of an installation on the façade of the aforementioned building, based on several black chairs, hanging separately, inverted; whose trajectories evoke a void, fallen human beings, absent human beings. Their tracks are getting lost within the coastal foam and is almost oblivion.

The chairs taken outside (imitating the custom of the inhabitants of Valparaiso, that use the facades of their houses as a canvas), are transformed here into an irritating element that intervenes the city.

Photo-Documentation: Rodrigo Orozco
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