The artist's private flat, Dortmund, Germany

To denude the habitable to the scrutinizing, radiographic gaze of the spectators, putting at the reach of their hands each of the objects that I use daily, opening the drawers, unpacking the suitcases, hanging from the walls of my apartment all my belongings, from the most intimate to the most profane.

Here is a rupture of the private / public space and also of the museum / galleries, in the radical gesture of opening the personal housing as an exhibition space to unknown visitors for two months.

In an extroverted scene those things that we transport from one place to another are exposed, in an emigration that seems to have no end ... as a reflection of the global human displacements.

Who are we through the things we have? What stories do things hold, in the tacit, the diverse and extensive of its ontological capacity? A multiple color, which calls from all corners, corners and that is spun with the viewer's gaze.

An installation that is a hybrid mirror, which encourages visitors to dialogue with their own hidden beings and calls them to cross a border that is commonly forbidden, otherness in their private life, with their secrets, their joys, their latent fears ....
Blouses, books, ladles, cushions, brushes, shoes, keys, cups, brushes ... Infinite forms that are assembled as living sculptures, of the daily life of an immigrant woman.

Photo-Documentation: Janet Toro
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