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Entre líneas

At first, the many, mostly small objects look homogenous, gray and still. As you approach the exhibits, their collaged newspaper surface appears restless, black-and-white, and irregular. Observing attentive it turns out that the supposed packaging is  the substance itself of the works, which consist of nothing but an empty shell. Numerous objects reproduce everyday objects, …

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Geometria Corporal

3 works of 24 x 18 cm 5 works of 20 x 30 cm 10 works of 24 x 30 cm Formerly it was thought that hair was the seat of the soul … Hair and geometry are united, just as everything is united with everything in the universe. Hence the name Body Geometry that …

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Serie Dunkel

This Serie consists of 2 objects: Grief: Light object of paper, wrapped into copies of true stories of victims of neo-nazis. The Law: Shoes of  cow leather withwrapped in texts of the german constitution of 1919.

Meine zweite Heimat

A Series of 10 Objects: Ode to the bread roll, Elegy to the hunger, Fair, Allotment, Ode to the cake, Ode to the beer, Elegy to the excess, Germany-Love, Ode to the licorice, The salami tie.

Medals and Decorations

There are 15 different objects, whose central point is a medal or medal to the authentic Nazi value, transformed and ironized by means of elements of everyday life. 1. Decorating Potato cutter, metal, 19 x 5 cm 2. Decorating Pizza Cutters, metal 20 x 9 cm 3. Decorating Strainer, metal, 18 x 7 cm 4. …

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Elementary Objects

It’s a Series of 6 Objects: The yellow bread : my first dictionary german-spanish. Every page is wrapped in my hair.  53 objects in total. My first pair of winter gloves: felt, sewn by hand My first pair of winter boots: felt, sewn by hand The lost letters My passport I : my real passport …

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Brautkleid (Wedding dress) White tulle, cloth, threads, pencil Measures: 75 x 190 cm Wedding dress sewn by hand, with more than 160 petals of cloth, labeled, with all the words of love and hate that German men have told me. In 2006 I repaired the dress and sewed new pieces of tulle. After that I …

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