Gallery Camera Obscura, Dortmund, Germany

In context of the solo exposición: Extranjero

Brautkleid (Wedding dress)
White tulle, cloth, threads, pencil
Measures: 75 x 190 cm

Wedding dress sewn by hand, with more than 160 petals of cloth, labeled, with all the words of love and hate that German men have told me. In 2006 I repaired the dress and sewed new pieces of tulle. After that I began to collect phrases, words. Since that year, more prayers and words have been added year after year. The words we say and how we say them have an effect.

A blouse with pins embedded in all its surface
Cloth and metal pins
Measures: 50 x 70 cm

Einsamkeit (Loneliness)
My own blouse sewn and sealed in their outputs
Cloth, White threads
Measures: 50 x 70 cm.

Vergangenheit (Past)
A book with old drawings, wrapped in black thread and hermetically sealed
Paper, cardboard, black threads and glue
Measures: 17 x 22 cm

Photo-Documentation: Michael Kuchenbecker
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