Die Entfernung

(The Distance) 2013
Women's museum, Bonn, Germany

Physically visualizing the distance and tension between two extremes of the same person. At the same time exposing on the social level, the concept of being "normal" within the mass and the risk that constitutes being different. In some fundamentalist and patriarchal societies, it is considered a very serious fault to be different, to distance oneself from others, to distance oneself from the precepts of society. Also in Western societies these acts of feminist sovereignty are being attacked.

The issue of violence against women has many faces in the globalized society. Even more, the violence that is exerted against a woman when she decides to remove the rigid bonds that oppress her is astonishing. This act of rebellion is being punished today in many countries of the world, through stoning, physical attacks, with acid in the face, murders, rape, crimes of honor, forced marriage, expulsion, exile, etc.

I'm dressed in a black burka, I uncover some plastic canvases, underneath there are black cloths, I uncover a big mirror, I watch myself in it for a long time, the spectators are also reflected. Suddenly I take stones hidden in the black clothes and throw them at the mirror, which explodes making a frightful noise, the audience screams, while they see my and their images are torn into pieces ...

Photo-Documentation: Debbie Runkel
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