Gallery 0, Cologne, Germany

Series Dibujar el límite (Drawing the limit)

It is believed that the first symbol that represented the concept of freedom or liberation was written around 2300 BC. on a clay tablet, in Lagash, today Tell al-Hiba, in Iraq. It is the Sumerian word Ama-gi, which literally translated means "return to the mother". The inscription corresponds to the time when Urukagina assumed power and initiated a reform that returned rights and freedoms to the citizenship, prohibiting both civil and ecclesiastical authorities from seizinging land and property, eliminating most of the state taxes.

I tear off the Ama-gi sign of the 1000 photocopies white / black, for 8 hours. The spectators only see me fuzzily, I am naked behind several layers of plastic. My hands and paper are projected onto another hanging plastic, in the adjoining room. Liberation as an act of returning to the origin, as an act of transforming the signs...

Photo-Documentation: Debbie Runkel
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