El reflejo

(The reflex) 2015
Museum of Memory and Human Rights, Santiago, Chile

Series In Situ

A group of immigrants perform an action around the question of identity in the midst of a foreign society, they also propose an introspective look on our fear and empathy against the foreign. Herein lies the question about alterity, which favors the development of intersubjectivity, possible and impossible relationships.

This Performance takes place in the city, in the Matucana streets with Cathedral street, a very significant intersection ... There a 12 immigrants dressed in black and white, holding for a couple of minutes an object lined with white paper. In Matucana street, each immigrant begins to unmask the packages and finally show a mirror to the passersby, who stop perplexed, curious and modest in front of their own image, which is offered to them by an unknown being.

Photo-Documentation: Marileu Avendaño
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