(Mercury) 2014
Theatre Department of the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

International Performance Biennale Deformes

Mercurio, according to Roman mythology, is the messenger of the Gods, but in this case it alludes to the newspaper El Mercurio, as the messenger of the powerful elites. It is the emblematic object of the powers that be.

The Edwards family not only owns this newspaper, but also owns several diaries, which currently sum up to about twenty. They also own other companies in the banking sector, lumber industries, media, etc.

Agustín Edwards Eastman traveled in the 70s to the United States in order to meet Donald Kendall (Pepsi Cola) and Richard Helms (CIA) and later with Henri Kissinger to organize the coup plot against the government of Salvador Allende, an act of sedition. The CIA provided a huge sum to Edwards for these purposes. These facts remain unpunished!

During my performance I take the frontpage of that day's Journal and slowly insert it into my vagina. As a metaphor for an inverted uterus, which does not give birth, but returns the object to the shadows.

Photo-Documentation: Rodrigo Orozco
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