La Tarjeta

(The Card) 2015
Museum of Memory and Human Rights, Santiago, Chile

Series In Situ

After World War II several credit cards appeared. In the 50s Diners Club Card came out, which was accepted by several shops. And so the story continues until today.

The word credit comes from the Latin verb credere (believe), we believe religiously in this card!
The economic model and with it, the credit card and the debt, define our financial transactions and the symbolic aspect of life.

I'm lying on the floor of the esplanade of the Museum, tied in different parts of my body with black strings. Both ends of the cord are knotted in holes of an authentic credit card. My eyes are blocked, my mouth is closed, my arms, legs and feet are tied in such a way that I can not move. At two meters distance on the floor there is a white cloth, with scissors and more strings. The spectators will be the active ones, they can tie me even more or free me with the scissors or do nothing ...

The final destination is not in my hands, I am at the total mercy of the spectators.

Photo-Documentation: Marileu Avendaño
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