Gallery 0, Cologne, Germany

Series Dibujar el límite (Drawing the limit)

In sociology it is a state of weak or absent norms, rules, social order. It means that society goes from a normal state to a pathological state. I use plastic as a symbolic element of this state, as a material that drowns life, that isolates it, that abstracts it from the organic.

I cover the entire gallery with plastic. I wrap myself in plastic and sit down, in a chair also wrapped in plastic, with a table lined with plastic. Drawing with graphite on white paper, without seeing, my eyes are covered with a plastic sleeve, which extends horizontally from one wall to another. I can't see nothing more but what I have directly in front of me and I repeat this view of plastic wrinkles, drawing for hours, until exhaustion, reaching a limit ...

Photo-Documentation: Debbie Runkel
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