El mar, la calle y las sillas

This work consists in a large format installation that uses the city and its history as a starting point. The habour of Valparaíso retains a dark memory, sealed in implacable pacts. This is the starting point of this work, a reflection on the brutal secrets that the sea contains beneath its waves: the horror of …

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Installation La Torre Vive

Beyond the cement, the iron structures, the retaining walls of this building, I was interested in investigating the spirit that animated and promoted this construction, an emblematic building. From his story I was moved by the passion that shaped him, as part of an ideology that promoted human development and fundamental rights, … subsequently violated, …

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In the frame of 17th Chapter, We will be-Episode of transition.

Habeas Corpus

In this installation I wish to insist on the material need for a sign of that negated body, which will allow us to fulfill at least on a symbolic level, the rite of burial, hence the presence of the earth, as the last element of a life cycle, that closes or opens to a new …

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To denude the habitable to the scrutinizing, radiographic gaze of the spectators, putting at the reach of their hands each of the objects that I use daily, opening the drawers, unpacking the suitcases, hanging from the walls of my apartment all my belongings, from the most intimate to the most profane. Here is a rupture …

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Each year between 500,000 million and 1 billion plastic bags are consumed in the world. About 100,000 marine animals such as turtles, whales and dolphins die every year because of plastic bags. ( This work is inspired by two invisible women: my great aunt Margaro who always wrapped her things in newspaper. And Katy a …

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An installation that exposes the process of a end point. As in nature those processes are visually shown in a clear way, it was necessary to create a physiognomy to that end point, to emigrate. Close a chapter, with forms that said goodbye to the place, that housed my dreams and my disappointments. I collected …

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I disseminate huge quantities of waste plastic from the Industry throughout my department. Each room is completely covered up until the door frames of the rooms are sealed, in such a way that nobody can enter them. The spectators can only stay in the narrow hallway. Here the idea of ​​a wall, of a closed …

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Sacra Fames

This installation is a minimalist imitation of a common living room, in a totally different context, that occupies the floor of the tower of a Lutheran church. The carpet is made out of white flour, in whose center stands a chair, also covered with flour. In the middle of the room is a television, whose …

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