Bienal del Mercosur

Feminine(S). visualities, actions and affects General curator Andrea Giunta The title of this biennial poses a question that points to the tension at the core of contemporary democratic culture: participation in society on the basis of “difference” understood— as Denise Ferreira da Silva puts it — as multiplicity rather than separation, as expressed by Denisse …

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El Despojo

With the former residents of Villa San Luis: María Caceres, Antonieta Miranda, Ximena Salinas, María Aravena, Jovita Sandoval, Graciela Gómez, Adela Bustamante, Jimena Mendez, Bernarda Reyes, Miguel Manríquez, Mirna Parada, Olga Rojas, Aidé Contreras, Rosa Vargas, Olga Barriga, Margarita Monges. Neoliberal expropriation, urban devastation, architecture of destruction, eviction, dispossession are concepts, we have observed in …

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Installation La Torre Vive

Beyond the cement, the iron structures, the retaining walls of this building, I was interested in investigating the spirit that animated and promoted this construction, an emblematic building. From his story I was moved by the passion that shaped him, as part of an ideology that promoted human development and fundamental rights, … subsequently violated, …

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Group exhibition Radical Women: Latin American Art 1960-1985

Photographic documentation of the Performance Dos preguntas (Two questions) Pinacoteca Sao Paulo, Brazil from 18th August to 19th November 2018 Curators Cecilia Fajardo-Hill and dr. Andrea Giunta Lecture by the artist on November 12, collaboration of the Pinacoteca and Art Museum of Sao Paulo, MASP.  

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