Über Mich

Janet Toro

Born in Osorno, in the south of Chile. Short time later her Family emigrated to Santiago City.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Chile, Santiago. Lives and works in germany since 1999.

She was member Art Group APJ (Group for young Art). The group which worked in a very broad spectrum of art, ranging from graphic, installations to street-art. Due to the explosive matter of their political contents, considering especially the street-happenings, a very high risk.

Later she was member of the group Plástica Social (Social Art), where she got to the heart of her work as a performance-artist.

Her artistic field of activity contains performances, installations, and sculptures.  Profound intuition, personal experience and thorough theoretical research are the fundaments of her works, aiming for a functionality on multiple cognitive and semantic levels.

Her works are a confrontation with existential, political and social subjects, whereat the creation of an a critical expression is essential for she.

Negotiating expensive materials, she instead works with plastic, textile, flour, paper, leaf, thread, hair, nail, earth, stone in short simple materials, that belong to our everyday life.

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Curriculum Janet Toro

Selected Individual and group exhibitions

Individual exhibitions

2014 Exhumar la memoria Performance-Installation Museum of the Memory, Santiago, Chile

2013 Die Entfernung (The distance) Performance-Installation Women Art Museum, Bonn, Germany

2013  Geometría corporal Exposition of Hair Objekt , Gallery Kunstkontor, Cologne

2013 Die weißen Stunden (The white hours) Performance-InstallationSerie Dibujar el límite, Gallery 0, Cologne

2013 Ama-gi Performance-InstallationSerie Dibujar el límite, Gallery 0, Cologne

2013 Deshojar Performance-InstallationSerie Dibujar el límite, Gallery 0, Cologne

2013 Das Fremde Performance-Installation, Serie Dibujar el límite, Gallery 0, Cologne

2013 Blindness Performance-InstallationSerie Dibujar el límite, Gallery 0, Cologne

2013 Carmín Performance-InstallationSerie Dibujar el límite, Gallery 0, Cologne

2012 Anomie Performance-Installation, Serie Dibujar el límite, Gallery 0, Cologne

2011 Entre líneas (In Between Lines)Installation and objects, Kunstkontor Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2010 Sacra sitis, Sacer dolor, Performance, Martin Luther Church, Cologne, Germany

2010 Sacra sitis,  Installation (100 m2) Iglesia Martin Luther, Cologne, Germany

2010 Sacra fames Installation (25 m2) Martin Luther Tower, Cologne, Germany

2009 Secluded, Installation at the artist’s home (38 m2) Cologne, Germany

2008 Farewell, Installation at the artist’s home (53 m2) Dortmund, Germany

2008 Der Rand, Performance in the context of the release of Clownfisch Art Salon, Wuppertal.

2007 Extranjero (Foreign) Exhibition. Camera Obscura Gallery, Dortmund, Germany.

2006 Desolación (Desolation) Performance, . Gallery Art-Isotope, Night of the Museums, Dortmund

2006 Isolation Installation at the artist’s house (53 m2), Dortmund, Germany

2005 A-Test  Performance, Forum Radius 100 Depot, Dortmund, Germany

2004 Mácula Painting Exhibition(Taint) Bonifatius Church, Dortmund, Germany

2004 Radiografía (X-Ray) Installation at the artist’s home (53 m2)Dortmund, Germany.

2002 Humanos (Humans), Painting Exposition, Etage Eins, Gallery-Lounge. Dortmund, Germany

2001 Perros peleando (Dogfight) Gerda Türke Gallery, Dortmund, Germany

2000 Las huellas del dolor (The Traces of Pain) Pain Therapy Centre, St.-Marien Hospitals Lünen, Germany

1998 Serie La herida (The Wound Series) 3 Performances, Santiago, Valparaiso, Chile. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1998 La locura (Madness), Performance, Perrera-Arte Experimental Centre . Santiago, Chile

1998 Serie Ciudad Tóxica (Toxic City Series) two performances, Santiago, Chile.

1997 La Crucifixión (The Crucifixion) Chiloe Museum of Modern Art, Chile.

1990 Serie La sangre, el río y el Cuerpo (The blood, the river and the Body Series) 2 Performances, Mapocho River, Santiago, Chile.

1986 Dos Preguntas (Two Questions) Performance. Collaboration by C. Winter. Paseo Ahumada, Santiago Chile.

Selected group exhibitions

2011 Women Museum of Art, Art Fair, Bonn, Germany.

2011 Line Up!, Gallery 30 works, Cologne, Germany

2011 Ein-sam Installations. Martin Luther, tower Cologne, Germany.

2010 Taese Art Fair, Cologne, Germany

2006 Artor-Wand Exposition Das Spiel Installation, Art-Isotope Gallery, Dortmund, Germany

2004 Serie Biografía de mi Cuerpo (Biography of my Body )3 new performances, Theaterzwang Festival, Depot, Dortmund

2004-2003 Huellas del recuedo (Traces of Memory) Habeas Corpus, Installation, IG Metall, Sprockhövel and Berlin, Germany.

2003 El ausente Performance (The Absentee) Performance in the context of the event: Chile. September 11, 1973, 30 years.after Bochum Museum of Art, Germany.

2003 Serie Biografía de mi Cuerpo (Biography of my Body Series). 3 Performances at Brotfabrik Kunsthalle, Bonn, Germany,

1999 Serie El Cuerpo de la memoria (The Body of Memory) Ninety performances and Installations. II Bienal de Arte joven, National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile

1998 El Imbunche, Performance in the context of the exhibition Anamorphosis. Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile


Prize and Meritorious

2012 Sponsorship  intercultural Projekts, of Ministry of Culture Cologne, Germany

2006  Competition of the Dortmund City, 1 Painting, title: El buscador

2002  Competition of the Dortmund City, 3 Painting, title: Series Humanos